at the moment i have only a single SM57. i am amassing recording gear to a large extent over the last few months.

and i don't know much about mikes.

what are your thoughts on the MXL700 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/mxl-700-condenser-microphone-in-vintage-style-body

and what are your thoughts on the MXL5000 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/mxl-5000-large-diaphragm-condenser-microphone

both are significantly marked down, and i could pick up both, is it worth it? mainly mic'ing amps but also for voice, harmonica, and other things.

should i jump on them? how is MXL's quality? where do the fit in my setup?
I own several MXL mics and find them overly bright and attenuated especially at high freqs.
At that level I like AKG C3000. The MXL tube mics have some interesting things going for them, but overall I am not a big fan.
Not a fan of MXL. They're really crappy sounding mics honestly. Crap capsules, low quality electronics. What diabolical said about them being overly bright is accurate. They're not pleasant sounding mics at all in the high end - extremely bright and harsh in their brightness. 
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One of the big capsule MXLs I have failed with no reason behind it, the factory wrangled back and forth for receipt but in the end they repaired it.
There are some mods on the big capsule ones to fix the electronics, basically changing some of the crap capacitors for better quality ones, supposedly making them sound upwards of $500 mics, but I wasn't keen to experiment with that as I had some Oktavas and AT4040s at the studio at the time.
The MXLs worked good on a dull vocalist (think Peter Steele tone), also worked good on dark sounding wood instruments, and could do modern (think bright) overhead or room stereo pair sound with ease. On most vocalists they brought extra sibilance that had to be cut out with eq.

I have an AT2020 that I like much better for $100, also bought a GT55 FET mic for vocals that I like on male vocals a lot. It has a bit of an edgy rock tone, which could be a bad thing if you're not tracking punk/metal vocals, but that's what I do and it works very good for that. A frilet me borrow his C3000 and that mic was fantastic overall.
Amps, male voice, harmonica?  I think probably still a dynamic mic for these purposes.  SM7B?  It is different enough in character to be useful alongside a 57.  If you are really looking for a LD condenser, they have gotten a lot more reasonable lately.  Bluebird, NT1, AT2020?
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We forgot to ask - what is your budget?

$200ish to drop on whatever would get me the best results. ideally two mics at that price.
The only MXL mic I see that gets a bit of hype is the MXL V67G. Never tried it though. It is not too bad a hit if it is not great, it is probably still usable as a room mic.

If you wanted a mic to pair with the SM57 for amps, the Sennheiser e906 is where it is at. The "high-cut" position is moreso a flat response, allowing you to mic closer to center and get strong articulation. It is also a super-cardioid so you may like how it will pick up the room a bit. I wouldn't use it for voice unless I had to, though. Its 3 frequency responses could make it 3 different mics in theory.
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Since you have the SM57, I'd say go for condenser, AT2020 pairs well for guitar and could be used on anything else. The AKG C3000 mics are even better. I don't know why you'd need one more mic but maybe look at ribbon mics.