If it was my guitar i would leave it alone since with use it will just polish again. You can use a scotch brite pad or 0000 steel wool. If you use the steel wool put masking tape over the pickups or the dust will stick to em.

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This is why I don't like guitars to have satin finishes on the body. The satin wears off really fast and any attempt made to restore the guitar to a satin finish will only ever be temporary.

The best you can do is buff the area that's been worn to a gloss with 2000-3000 grit or whatever grit it takes to make the area you've sanded look like the rest of the guitar.

If you hate how the finish wears, then don't buy another satin-finished guitar.
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A lot of folks seem to end up polishing them, including me, but it can be a fairly big job, because satin hides a lot of finish flaws that show up as soon as you start polishing My routine is rough polish, look for flaws, fix them, polish again and so on. This however is risky, because the finish may be a very thin top coat that is easy to cut through. - I've done that.

OTOH, I have one guitar that I refinished satin black, and I quite like the shiny wear patterns that are developing, relicing of a sort.
yea im probably gonna end up polishing it since there doesnt really seem to be a long term fix 
get some 2000-4000 sand paper and wet-sand down the whole thing (not much), then buff with a VERY FINE rubbing compound. it would all be nice and glossy though. i have never had luck with satin finishes as far as looking origional. my one satin Gibson has more wear than black on it, aged rough through playing. think of it as you leaving your mark on the guitar.
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