So I've got these two guitars, they're very much the same and both feel great.

However what I've noticed the Epiphone Bridge has a slight curve to it, the G string is slightly raised than the other strings, which I like it makes bends easier imo and it's easier to play, not a real big diff but it's noticable.

I've tried to find out if they're different bridges but I keep just reading TOM bridge (Tune-o-matic) but doesn't mention why the G string is slightly higher on the Epiphone?

Is fret board radius to do with it? 
Wtf so tall saddle ? dang bro so I guess file it down or get a set ((
There could be dirt or whatever else under the G saddle that's making it sit higher than the others.

On TOM's, the D and G saddle should sit on the bridge at the same height as one another. Is it just the saddle slot that is making the G string sit taller than the rest or is it the saddle itself?

Please post pics if you can.
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