I'll buy a new guitar and I was searching for this characteristics could you suggest me some models :
24 frets
Pickup: at least one Hb, better if with at least a single coil o splittable hb
Better if not basswood body, I have already one
Price :around 400/500€
Ibanez it's on the top of the list with other, the only thing is that they have a lot of models and for a beginner as me it's hard to choose I have also seen the kiko signature
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What do you think of the dean signature (amott, mustaine, dimebag), do you pay only the "signature" or they re good? (always in this price range)
If you give more information you can get better suggestions. For starters, what type of music do you play, do you want a fixed/floating bridge, do you prefer fatter or thinner necks... these are just for starters. Something that is also a good consideration is are you willing to change pieces of the guitar to make it better or do you want a full package? You can easily save a lot of money and get a better sound by buying a guitar with good bones and changing the electronics or tuners to better ones yourself.
The music I like most and I play is metal, for the bridge I always had fixed ones so I don't know how I can feel with floating ones.i like to customize guitar (I have a schecter omen which I changed the pu with SD 59 JB). For example the brand I like most are: dean, bc rich, Ibanez, schecter
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What do you think of the dean signature (amott, mustaine, dimebag), do you pay only the "signature" or they re good? (always in this price range)

You are not likely going to get anything that is decent from Dean in that price range, Dean guitars don't really get good until you get close to the $1000 USD range unfortunately the same is true for B.C. Rich. I am not brand bashing I have both a B.C. Rich (paid $500 used) and a Dean ($400 used) both are in the $1000 USD range when new both are great but I don't see much quality from those two brands in the cheaper range its' possible but will be very hit or miss and you'll want to get your hands on it for a test drive before you buy.

For that price Jackson, Ibanez, LTD, and Schecter are going to have better quality instruments. The issue I understand is the many models from each of these this is where you'll need to do some research you to find the model with the features you desire Asking for advice hear is not a bad idea but just doing some plain old googling of the models you like will help alot read reviews both professional and user reviews but be wary of user reviews that lavash too much praise these could be from beginners or fanboys.

Buying used if there is a used market where you live is always a good option as you can often get a $1000 guitar for $400-$500 maybe $600. at least here in the US. I own 6 Japanes made Jackson guitars and a Japanese Charvel from the late 1980's all were purchased used ranging from $175 (absolute steal) to $500 that I paid for a near mint condition RR3 with Eerie Dess Swirl paint and original factory hard case.

Where are you located that will help us to determine what your options may be.
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Thanks for the answer, I am not only for new for some things I prefer used above for quality /price.
In a shop near me (Italy) there are 2 Japanese used guitar in this range, an Ibanez rg450ah (1999) for 350€, and a Jackson dkmg (with emg hz) for 400€