Hi boys and girls,

1. I have a problem with Triple Delay. Toneprint does not beam into my pedal from my phone. I have a new app and I'm doing everything exactly as in manual. What can be the problem then?
2. Second question: there are four toneprints on the pedal. Does they mean they save three presets or each tneprint is just a single tone?
3. Can I reset the pedal to factory settings?
4. Is there any proper tutotial of Triple Delay?

1. You probably have to update the firmware.

2. They save 1 toneprint in each slot I believe.

3. I assume you mean when you have toneprints loaded, and you wish to clear them to default. No you cannot. You have to go to the toneprint app and beam the default setting.

4. You might be able to find someone doing a tutorial, or a demo where you could learn about it, but the official product video is pretty informative.
 This is an answer fom TC:
1.  Beaming can sometimes fail if you have an active EQ on the guitar or  between the guitar and the pedal. It could also be another effect  between the guitar and the pedal. 

Could you check that?

Alternatively,  and to check if the unit has a hardware issue, you could try to connect  it via usb and use the editor to beam some artists tonePrints. 

2.  The TonePrints slots and the preset slots are a bit different. In the  Tone Print slot you can save a delay type with lots of settings that are  not accessible from the pedal itself. The Toneprint also holds how the  knobs will react. You have 4 slots for TonePrints, and the other  positions are factory settings. 

The  3 presets let you store one of the factory or Toneprint sound, with  settings corresponding to knobs positons. Delay time, feedback, level,  subdivision. 

3.  Not exactly: You can reload the TonePrints that were loaded initially  when the pedal is coming out from the factory, but the original presets  must be re-entered manually: 

chemiorro sometimes with the new pedals, they don't end up getting the firmware updated by the store employees, so if you haven't figured it out yet, try updating it.