Hey guys, so i heard this really cool sounding chord in the song Black Houses by the Australian band Portal
here is a link to the song, the chord is played at 2:38

anyway the chord is 


if anyone could tell what the name of this chord is, i would be really thankful
Marcus 90  Not sure if having seven strings is deliberate or not, but should you need to find any six string chord names, go to a chord site like http://chordbook.com/ then go to the guitar chords section and move the little buttons to the chord shape you need and click on the look up chord button.  

Am not affiliated to Chordbook in any way, but I use it all the time, one of the best chord sites on the interwebs

Anyway when I typed in the six string 034400, it came back as Cmaj7-5/E, or Cmaj7-5. 

If the seven string was deliberate, would that make it, Cmaj7-5/E/e ? I guess it depends on what the extra string is tuned to.

Hope this helps 
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flatwound thanks for the info, it was pretty helpful, will check that site out
and yeah the 7-string guitar is deliberate, that's what they used for that album, it's tuned a half step down from
standard 7-string guitar tuning, so that would be A#-D#-G#-C#-F#-A#-D#
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Marcus 90
Let me take a stab at it. It's a 13th chord because you have both the 6th and 7th (major for each).
So using a standard 7-string tuning, Gmaj13-5/B (or Gmaj13b5/B or Gmaj13#11/B however you want to write it).
G root, B major 3rd, C# sharp 4th/11th, E major 6th, F# major 7th
With a half step down tuning, F#maj13#11/A#
Learning music theory - specifically chord construction - really helps.  With that said, tuned down a half step, that could be called D#m6add9/A# or it could also be called F11b9/A#.
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