Ladies and Gentlemen, for the dozens in attendance , and the 4 people tweeting at home, let's get ready to talk lunchbox heads.

Now I'm looking for a lunchbox head,mainly for rock but these days there are so many to choose from. I'd like to hear the people's opinion on them. Who has 1, what model, worth getting or a thousand dollar mistake?
What kind of music do you play? and what will you be using it for? at home, rehearsal, gigging ... etc.Where are you located?

I've got the Marshall mini Jubilee 2525. It switches between 20 and 5 watts. Great for gigging or fairly quiet practice at home. Sounds killer for that rock/ classic rock/ hardrock /metal stuff. Its a killer amp, but I'm not sure I would pay the $1500-1700 they're asking for them new here. I ended up finding a brand new, open box one for $700 CAD and jumped on it.
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I think the EVJr started them off; 5 watts for under $100. "Dude, but it's a real tube amp!"
Stupid Simple, usually with a single EL84 or 6v6 providing motive power and a 12 AX7 tossed into the mix for flavor.
Then the mods came, and some of them got expensive. I have one stock head and one with the Mercury Magnetics mod (about $290 for the bits, $140 for installation). It's lovely and people steal it from me for recording on a monthly basis (it's back out at the moment). Then manufacturers got involved and, as was the case with P90's, they slathered more crap upon more crap and we now have the very crowded 5-15W "lunchbox" amp market. 

One of the best ones I know of is the Vintage 16 from Carvin. One of their best amps, period, and you can choose 5W or 16W. It's not big on this board because it doesn't get out of the US all that much, but it's really really good. The VT16 head was stupidly discontinued in 2016, but should be available on evilBay and Craigs here and there (should anyone actually be willing to let one go) and the Vintage 16/5 amp with 12" speaker combo is still around for about $450 or so new.   You'll not find it talked up much here because it's not intensely mainstream and available in every guitarshop in Mosul, so I thought I'd start things out with what (for UG) is likely to be out of left field. 

I have the Mesa Boogie Mark V 25

Very versatile amp, great for many styles, especially rock and metal 
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If I played more rock, I would go with either a Friedman Runt 20 

Or the Friedman PT 20 or Friedman DS

On my personal G.A.S. list:

They also introduced a $150 pedal amp at NAMM this year.

If I wanted heavier tones, I might go for that V3M, the Mesa or the Orange.
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