Hey guys, I have a pre-2004 JCM 2000 DSL 100 that has a pretty bad bias problem. My amp tech wanted me to build a 2203 clone out of it, instead of fixing the bias problem.

With that being said, what amps could I conceivably make with the components from the JCM?
I have a brand new OT and Choke, and everything before the OT in the amp still works.

A 2203 seems like a good idea, but at the moment I do live in an apartment, so for the gain is need my neighbors might kill me.

If this isnt the right area for this thread I apologize. And if anyone has any sources I can look into I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks UG!
That's too much effort, it won't sound good at low volumes, and if you ever want a footswitchable clean.... Nope. I wouldn't do that. Jcm2000 are great amps and I wouldn't bother in trying to make them better while actually making them less useful
The problem with the amp is that the bias goes insane after warming up. From what I understand its a common problem on the early run of these amps.

I haven't been able to find a cheaper solution than running it until the OT blows. And that got old once.

So I have a chassis, a brand new OT and Choke, and a DSL FULL of spare parts, I figured I could get something out of it
AFAIK there is a mod that makes the bias more stable. Anyways, you can always just rewire the power amp so it's like a plexi or something, and keep the preamp. Then mod the heck out of the preamp and have a great, personalized amp. I suggest making it 50 watts too