I have searched and searched but everything recommended in articles is a modeling amp. I just want something with good tone and more than three controls that I can run effects pedals through.
used Peavey Bandit comes to mind.  if you can stretch the budget a little a used version 1 Peavey Valveking would be an option as well. 
All tube, more than 3 channels and <$200? Not gonna happen.
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Wash cars, mow lawns, sweep floors and come back when you have some more $$.  Essentially all the low end practice amps at that price are SS with some modeling.  A Roland Cube is decent, and in clean JC mode it takes pedals well.  Crate maybe??  Used Super Champ in the clean channel takes pedals like a Fender Blackface.  When bottom feeding on price, you have to be willing to make a lot of compromises. 
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Do you have a cab? If so, the best I can think of is this (at @$299):

And their newest (@$149):

Yes, they are solid state. No, they're not modelers. Yes, they take pedals well.

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Quote by T00DEEPBLUE
All tube, more than 3 channels and <$200? Not gonna happen.

The only way wold be to watch the classifieds like a hawk, and wait for someone who needs to get rid of an amp quick for cash.... seems to happen a lot to musicians . I've gotten a blues jr, xxx, and Ultra combo for $200 or less CAD, which is about $150 USD. And I think he meant 3 knobs, not channels
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On the cheap $90 Nano Legacy (whatever flavor). Cab under $100. Not gonna be great but in budget. Or go used for a bit better. Mono price makes a cheap combo. VHT has a combo under $200. The fact your gonna use pedalboard makes it a bit easier .  
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Quote by T00DEEPBLUE
All tube, more than 3 channels and <$200? Not gonna happen.

he said controls not channels. guessing he means for EQ and gain
It looks like OP has edited his post and removed the "all tube" requirement. So I guess solid state is acceptable? But $200 is still not enough to get one with an effects loop unless it's used. The Orange Crush 20RT is around $189 new and it's a great, 2-channel practice amp with built in tuner and reverb. But it's not going to have an effects loop. If it's a must, you could get a used Peavey Bandit or Orange Crush 35RT. Those are the only non-modeling amps I remember right now.
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diajkeene DIME D100 is in your budget if you play rock/metal... Its 2 channel + 1 Gain Boost... It feel like 3 Channel amp...