Once I came to some conclusions in meditation
and as a souvenir I composed two "songs"


 "Banquet of Dolls"
- Does it hurt being dead?
- All beings are to dead to die


"Wraith Spectrum from a SSRI Dream"

Priceless experience of the human form
We are the lucky ones,we get the same thing without effort,for free

Human form, start dying before their first breath
let's celebrate this process of dying called 'life'
This wonderful gift,only for chosen ones,which we can not keep

For all the diseases which I can experiencing cancer, hiv, senility
For the chaos in my head caused by thousands of different doctrines and teachings
which I am able get to know only in precious human form

Only humans are able to do not understand and feel confusion

Thanks to the human form the only one thing I can do is
being sarcastic 

( I had to use English speech synthesizer because my computer can not speak IN Polish).