I'm thinking about making a band which would play shoegaze/dream pop.
I know you need a lot of effects and pedals for music like that so i was wondering if any of you guys
know if this Hoton Ravo MP10  is good for making and playing songs from bands like Slowdive, Catherine Wheel
and such? 

Thanks for your suggestions  

krispy.matjas It might could be a good place to start. Keep in mind shoegaze bands have pedal boards that look like a Boeing 747's cockpit, and likely will cost as much too. I would personally suggest the Zoom G3 instead of the Ravo, just because I have experience with the G3 itself and it would be a good place for you to start.
Will Lane Thanks for your reply. Yeah i'm just starting to plunge in effect experimentation with ambient shoegazy music. What about  Zoom G3Xn? It's a bit more expensive but not that much? Is that 50€ difference worth it?