Hi all.
I just wanna color the pickguard of my Ibanez RG550XH and the pickup (modded to dimarzio DActivatorX black).
What type of color should I use so that the color doesnt fades away with time and its harmless to the guitar (particularly to the pickup).
Any video/ link/ help regarding the process is most welcome.
Thanks. \m/
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You would generally buy pickups and pick guards the colour you want them because plastic doesn't take paint well and I can't imagine trying to paint a pickup.
You might be able to do something with adhesive vinyl (I turned some black humbuckers into zebras with white electrical tape) but certainly in the case of the pick guard you'd probably be just as well trying to find one the colour you want and just swapping it out.
Just check the can to make sure it's fine to use on plastics. I did the same thing with a pick-guard for my old Yamaha Pacifica. I sanded down the surface of the pick-guard to take off the shiny surface, once it was all nice and smooth I gave it 4 coats of black and 2 coats of non-glossy clear. Still looks great 6 years on anyway! 
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Hi all.
I just wanna color the pickguard of my Ibanez RG550XH and the pickup (modded to dimarzio DActivatorX black).

You might just want to use bobbin toppers for your pickups http://www.universaljems.com/cart/bobbin.htm

If you're looking for a color change on a light-colored plastic pickup, here's one methodology (credit: CYBERMGK) that night work for you:

What you will need:  
Rit dyes
Shallow flat bottom pan large enough to hold pickguard.
metal spatula or other tool to pull guard from dye.
PREFERABLE, test material.
Rubber gloves if you like

Rit's Color forumal pages
 can help you determine what forumla to use for a color.  The formulas  on this site is for the liquid.  My calculations put the powders at a 2  to 1 for the liquid.  I.e. 2 TSP powder = 1 TSP liquid.

1.  Wash the pickguard completely.  Rinse completely and dry.
2.  Preheat oven to 225 degrees.
3.  Mix dye color for wanted color.  The formula charts above are for 1  cup.  You should only need 1 cup, maybe 2 depending on pan.
4.  Pour dye into pan.
5.  Add salt as designated by dye package.  This seemed to help the dye  impregnate the plastic better.  I didn't use it at first.
6.  Place pan into oven (middle rack)
7.  Slide pickguard into pan.  Top goes up.  Make sure it's covered
8.  Let cook for 10 minutes.
9.  Check color of guard.  
     -  Pull out of dye and place on a flat surface
     -  Completely wipe off dye with paper towels.
     -  Flatten the pickguard if needed (heat softens the plastic).
10, If color is what you want, wash with soap, then rinse in cold water, dry completely.
11.  If color is not what you want, or enough, then repeat 7-10 until done.

IF you have test material run through 7-10 once or twice to see that you  have dye color like you want.  If not add color until you do.

May take successive 'dunks'.  I found the color got darker and more intense with each.