Hi guys,

As you can see, I am trying to write a metal track but I am no sure where to start. Does anyone have any advice?
Listen to some Velvet Revolver, not that metalish but those riffs are in drop D. Study song writing, create a riff you like and try to use it for verses and such.
Early Soundgarden or tool might show you the way. Try listening to Undertow or Louder Than Love/ Ultramega OK also.

Eddie Van Halen already did the best stuff in drop D in the early 80s
King's X is great for drop D stuff as well.
I have found that before you can write stuff you need to know a bunch of songs. Study the patterns, the riffs, the chord changes, etcetera. Based on that, you can form your own riffs and ideas. Also, listening to lots of different music tenda to help you as well.
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