Trying to write a song with some 'different' chords but can't seem to find any, has anyone got any chords/variations that can spice things up?
Try this 3(4) chord sucession I came across the other night

300003   200002 002210 0002200

Or take Am and move it up the fretboard

X02210 X04430 X06650

in fact move 3 notes of any chord up the fretboard and add the open strings to here some interesting new sounds (some bad, but many useful)

or maybe try DADGAD tuning
 If you're looking for a power chord sound, try the bottom 4 string chords. Just do a root fifth octave and add the third interval on the g string. 

F would be:


Just move it up the fretboard for F# G G# etc.
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G 11 or F/G (F add 9 in the bass)


move in minor thirds..spacy feel
play well

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If you use a cut capo, and play as if you were in the key of G but up a step, you have some really rich sounds come out of regular chords.
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