The timing on the distorted guitar could have been tighter at times, but other than that, it was really cool!  Vocals reminded me of Pink Floyd (that's a compliment).  Are you by chance using pitch correction on the Theremin?  I read once about Bob Moog showing up at a Nine Inch Nails concert (which seemed kind of funny to me), and talking to a NIN member (after the show) about how he kept his theremin in proper pitch so well, and the NIN guy mentioned he used pitch correction.  Bob Moog said, "Good idea!"  How long have you owned the Axe Fx II and Theremin?  Nice Axe Fx II tones, but they're not cheap.  Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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I'm playing the Theremini, which has pitch control.  I had it for one day when I put that piece together.  It not only has pitch control, but you can select what scale you want to use and in what key.  You can dial off some pitch control (or turn it off) so that it doesn't 'snap to' the notes so hard.  It has quite a few useful sounds on it (sounds cool with its own built-in delay)... but once you pump it through an Axe Fx, then it sounds completely different.  No different than plugging in a guitar and having it sound completely different.  There's quite a few nice YouTube videos on the Theremini out there, including those by professional theremin composers and musicians.  
Yeah, I thought I heard a slight amount of pitch stepping in the recording for the theremin.  I have an Antares ATP hardware unit that I bought primarily for pitch correction (I haven't used it in years).  I forget if you can change the settings while it runs, otherwise it is the same settings, for pitch correction, the whole time you put audio through it.  I assume current Antares pitch correction software has more options.  With Melodyne, you can't pitch correct until after you've recorded the audio, then you pitch correct/shift later; but you can pitch correct/shift every single  note (or the option to not pitch correct or shift at all), or vocal syllable  differently (can also alter the vibrato on each note separately): but that's not practical if you're playing the theremin in a live show.
I like it. I think it's a unique use of the Theremin.  I like the effects on your vocals but they seem a little low in the mix.  I agree that the guitar parts seem a little off in regards to timing.  You know what would be cool? Put that theremin through a pan pedal and have it go from left to right and back.  

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