Never even laid my hands on an LTD/ESP. Always played Jacksons and old USA Peaveys.

A lot of the Kirk Hammett graphic series look really cool and seem to hold their value.

Are they any good? How do LTD/ESP compare to Jacksons as far as playability?
If you're talking about the 600 KH's, I'd chalk them up to be comparable to Jackson's Pro Series.

The KH guitars have very marginally thicker necks than Jacksons and obviously lack a compound radius, thus the fretboard at the nut feels a lot flatter. And they tend to have very large frets.

I personally wouldn't get one though; I think the 600 series LTD's are overpriced.
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T00DEEPBLUE Thanks. I've always thought KH-2 Ouija was really cool.

I've just had an opportunity to pick up a black NTB for a just over a grand. But its too far away to try it. While I can get used a neck, if I'm spending that kind of money, I want to love it and I like really thin necks.
Ended up picking up the ESP M-1. Guess we'll see how much I like it when it arrives.