Been wanting a Schecter for a while as I do like the feel of the neck and from a quality standpoint I'm just curious about what more experienced players from GC community think.

I found a C-1 Hellraiser and a Damien 6 used in great condition for a decent price. As I'm a bit indecisive I'm just considering buying both but I'm wondering if people here have played both and what opinions they have on each.

I know that Damien 6 has passive EMH (hzs) which get a ton of hate from people I've noticed while Hellraiser has active emg 81/89 I believe? That's usually where my knowledge stops as far as quality goes. I don't know much about the wood they are made from, the electronics etc.

Just from what I can see though, the Hellraiser does seem like a better guitar than the Damien 6 but by how much? (both non fr)
Say if the Damien came with the Hellraisers pups? Would love a bit of feedback so thanks in advance

Now, I know "better" is a very subjective term, but let me ask it this way. Which one would you prefer and why?
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We need more details about what you're looking for and particulars about the guitars.

Are you trying to play metal?  Jazz?  Fusion?  Also, there's different kinds of Damien 6 models.  I'm inclined to recommend the C-1 but may not be in your best interest.

What feels and sounds better to you?  
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evening_crow Thanks. Well, I want a schecter in particular to pretty much just play metal and solos. The Damien 6 I'm talking about is http://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Guitar-Research/Damien-6-Electric-Guitar-Satin-Black-1274115040607.gc

I'm really just looking for a nice feel and both have extra jumbo frets which are nice. Off the bat, the C-1 Hellraiser sounds better to me but I'm not a huge Active dude. I'd prefer passives so I'd prob switch pickups on both. The Damien 6 has passives but again, I hear that HZs are awful? Are they really? They're not the best but they don't sound terrible imo

I just notice that their is a gap in the cost between the two. Where does it go? Is it because of the set neck on the Hellraiser as opposed to the Damien?

The Damien is basswood which is normally cheaper. Also, I believe the tuners are cheaper ones, passive EMG pickups, and a step down in cosmetics (no binding).

The reason the MZ get a bad reputation is because they're passive pickups that come short trying to pass off as active. Because of this they're also not great when held against other passive ones. As for the active set... if you like that sound go for that. I personally only like them for SOME high gain sounds but would not use them for much else.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
The Hellraiser has better pickups, mahogany body, and is a set neck, rather than bolt on, which many people prefer. Also, I believe the Damien, unless it's a Damien Platinum, are made in Indonesia, while the Hellraisers are high end, from Korea. The new retail prices pretty much say it all. The Hellraiser is typically nearly double the price of the Damien. If you've found used ones, and they're priced close to each other, take the Hellraiser for sure, unless it's actually got a defect or flaw that's caused the value to drop to that of the Damien.
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the_bi99man Thanks man. Yeah I've done a bit of research and it seems that the hellraiser is just generally more preferred. Conditions great so I'm going to end up picking it up