Hi !  

I'm the vocals in a band for a few months now and have been singing pretty much my whole life.
I'm not comfortable with the path we have been taking so far. Very rocky, not aggressive but with high tempo and I don't feel it.  
I told my guys that I needed something more smooth, maybe slower, maybe more blues than rock, as I'm not playing any instrument it's so hard to explain what I have in mind.  
I've been a lot into jazz, musicals, pop/rock which is very different from what we're doing and I need to find some references to tell them my ideas and see if we can do something about it. 
We have 2 electric guitars players, 1 bass , 1 drummer. 

Do you have any band, musician, doing blues, "soft rock" (yeah I don't know how to say it differently) that could fit the idea ??  
My voice is a mezzo-soprano range, but strong in basses (jazz like). Adele is good example to imagine my voice.
My only reference so far is the song "Hang me up to dry" from Claire Denamur.  

Thanks a lot for your help !


PS: Sorry for my English, I'm a french speaker  
Um, so are you the "leader" of the band? What I mean is that are the rest of the band expected to follow your direction? If the rest of the band wants to play fast rock I don't see why they should change the direction just because you want to. If you are in a leading role in the band, why are you playing a genre you don't like in the first place? I don't understand why you're even a part of a band that plays in a style you don't enjoy, and why you expect the rest of the band to follow your lead if you've only been in it for a couple of months?

It's fair to assume that if you're a democratic band they'll listen to your preferences as well, but I'm just kind of confused about this whole situation so I'd like to hear some background on this whole deal.
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Anyway, just show them music you enjoy, its not that complicated.
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In my experience a band's "genre" is determined by the influences of each of the musicians in that band. Rsther than the band going "we'll be X genre", they individually play the parts they like for the song, and when it's finished it'll fall into a genre.

If you instead force the musicians to take a certain path, it'll come off as forced, and generally won't be very good.

I think you should either:

(a) Leave the band and make one that is more in line with what you want; or
(b) Stay in your current band and make a new one as per (a).
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I agree with the above. You are one out of five people in the band. Unless it's significantly your band and you are the leader, you may just want to move on and find another band or start your own.
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I'm going to slightly disagree with some of the above. I think the reality of the band is that people will love you or not based more on the vocals than anything else. The set has to suit the vocalist, and if the vocalist is the front person then they have to sell what you do. That means they have to believe in their music.

Beyond this instrumentalists can capo up add in effects, change the instrument and play all the notes. A vocalist has one instrument, which can be trained but will still be a very personal instrument that will suit some styles more than others. I've played in a number of cover bands with female artists and I've never understood why the band think it is a good idea to cover mainly songs by male singers. If you want to do those songs then get a male singer guys.

The thing is that for most amateur and semi-pro bands it is a cross between a hobby and a dream. They are there because they want to play a certain genre of music or particular songs they love. Mainly guitarists want to play guitar music, and why not? That means most of the bands you meet and certainly those I've played in want to play rock in some form.

This leaves the OP with a potential problem. If she isn't the bandleader then she has probably been recruited into a band who already know what they want to play. Anything she tries to change might just spoil their dreams. If she is the bandleader then she needs to be prepared to compromise but also to be completely clear where she wants to go. It involves a lot of talking to each other and compromise to avoid friction. It may even be that the band will split up over this, it's the usual reason for tension in a band.

So you need to decide what is most important, singing the songs you love or keeping the band together and seeing where it goes. If you want to play different music you may not be able take the band with you. If you really think you can work together don't expect to get everything you want, be careful and respectful of each others dreams and talk, talk talk.