Hello everybody. I'm a young boy. I want to buy an acoustic guitar. My first important guitar. The budget is under 500 $. 5 years ago I began to play guitar so I'm not bad. I saw in a lot of forums that Yamaha is the best for my budget. What brand do you recommend and what model?                                                                                                                                 
Thanks for the help!                                                                                                                 
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There are many great guitars available for $500 these days. Brands to look out for: Cort, Crafter, LAG, Recording King, Tanglewood, Vintage, Washburn, Yamaha.

But I would strongly recommend that you visit a few music stores and try out as many guitars as possible to see which ones you like in terms of sound and playability. 
Thanks for the answer man. I can buy a Yamaha guitar because the people talk good about that and because the music store of my city has got some Yamaha Guitars. So, can you tell me the best models of Yamaha acoustic guitars under 500 $? Thanks!  Garthman 
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Please go to the music store in your city and play all the Yamaha guitars they stock within your budget. Buy the one you like the best.
If you can find them Recording King guitars. A RD-10 would be an excellent choice. I think they go for around $400 new and are real cannons for the price.
Thanks you two! I didnt say that 2 week ago i bought a Seagull S6 Original. Is very very good! It sounds like a 12 strings guitar! beautiful in fingerpicking strumming and all! I didnt remember to remove this thread. But thanks for the answer, anyway! garrett999