Hi peoples of the ultimate guitar,
I need to learn the Enter Sandman solo for a school concert, and I need to learn it be 28th March. I can play most of it, but there's this section that's too fast for me to play at full speed:



Is there a way to kinda simplify this bit, but not interrupt the flow of the solo?
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Practice slowly. Build your speed. Always.

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Practice it slowly with a metronome and gradually build up the speed.  There's not really any way to simplify that, as it's pretty simple as it is.  Complexity isn't the issue you're having, just the speed.  Those are two very different things.  But unless you really want to do an accurate cover, you could just improvise over it instead.  It just uses the Em pentatonic scale.  But definitely try to build up the speed first before deciding to do improv.  Work on your weaknesses.
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just play the rhythm section, better to sound goo playing the rhythm then sounding terrible playing the solo.
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Just noodle your way down the pentatonic scale for that part. That's what I do when I play Sandman with my cover band. As long as you hit the couple of really iconic licks (which are also the easiest parts), nobody will notice or care.
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