Hello to all who may read this!

       I reccently downloaded the tabs for Devin Townsend's "Kingdom", grabbed my guitar and got ready to play when i realized that the song uses a 7 string guitar. I obviously only have a 6 string or else i wouldn't be posting this thread. However, i noticed that only 4 of the strings are actually played. So i am hoping that someone could tell me how I could tune my 6 string to match his 7 string tuning enabling me to somewhat acurrately play this song. Any and all help is greatly apppreciated!  If you could also explain the musically why I would tune my guitar in the way to match Devin's I will greatly appreciate it!

                  "Kingdom" Tuning = F# B F# B F# B D# (Open B major?)
He's been doing open B for a while now

This video uses open B, 6 strings

Shouldn't be that much of a problem to move everything up 1/2-step where accurate
This is math, so bear with me
  • open B (OB) is 1/2-step (1 fret) LOWER than open C (OC)
  • playing 3rd fret on OB = the sound of playing 2nd fret on OC

--> from OB tab to OC tuning: -1 fret on tab (if possible)
--> from OC tab to OB tuning: +1 fret on tab

Checking if you understand:
  1. Fret 10 in an OC tab = Fret ____ in OB tuning
  2. Fret 18 in an OB tab = Fret ____ in OC tuning
  3. What do you have: a) from OB tab to OC tuning, or b) from OC tab to OB tuning?

1/2 on that, think about it a little bit

The whole "Kingdom" tab should be written for OC, so you just need to translate/transpose it to whatever tuning you're using