I have a 1963 es-175 Gibson. It used to be my Grandpa's and I was fortunate enough for it to be passed down to me. Does anyone know what strings should be best used on it?
What tuning are you using? If it's E standard, a 9-42 set or 10-46 one would be a good place to start. Daddario or Ernie Ball brands are inexpensive and fairly easy to find.
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On a guitar like that, I'd suggest a heavier gauge, like 11-48, as a starting point. These guitars were designed with heavier gauges in mind because that's all that was available at the time (11 and above!), and need the extra tension to hold the bridge in place more securely because the string tension is actually the only thing that is keeping the entire bridge unit attached to the top of the guitar and if there's not enough tension it can move around - additionally if yours is one that has a non-adjustable wooden bridge rather than a tune-o-matic, which some ES-175s from this period had, you may have difficulty getting the intonation anywhere near half-decent with lighter gauge strings too.

Awesome guitar, though. A lot of Gibsons from the 1950s through to the mid '60s are very sought after, desirable guitars that sell for ludicrous amounts of money. Take good care of it
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