Hello. I had to create a new account. I have a new email address and all. I have not had internet in over a year. Forgot old password also. So before my internet got cut off I saw a Highland semi hollow guitar for 7 hundred dollars or more on the  internet. So Later I found one used with case for 240 dollars. 260 with a 2 year warranty.  Guitar Center said they paid 80 dollars for it? what? It is a too nice of a guitar to do that and great brand. Original case, humidor built in case, 100 dollar strap, strap locks and some other things. Then I bought it. Then I found out my family member had data in their phone. So I looked up some info on the guitar. Korea made guitar. Nice wood with veneer. Dark cherry red. Alnico 5 pickups and a real Bigsby. The bigsby cost more new or used than the guitar sold for. It is 800 dollars new. nice wooden pick guard. Lazer  etched truss rod cover. I love it my first real expensive guitar and first semi hollow. 

I found some answers but have some questions. 1 have you heard of the brand. 2 it is amazing quality but why would they need to use veneer on the wood. 3 It needs a roller bridge I do not like Tune-o-matic bridges. It sounds amazing. Some say it is from China? Any other info on my great guitar? 
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