I've recently joined a band (as a bassist) and had to learn 70 new songs. This site is really useful, and my thanks go out to all those members who've taken the time to tab their songs and share with the rest of us. The difficulty I've had though is trying to get the rhythm from the ASCII tabs - the notes are all there, but it takes me ages to translate that into a form which I can use. I've put all those bass tabs on to GP6 now, I'm up and running, and I thought I'd share my work by reposting the tabs as GP6 files, so that other users wouldn't have to repeat my efforts. My submission was rejected on the grounds that it only had one instrument, which is the rules I guess. I don't want to go to the effort of transcribing all the other instruments, so I won't bother, and that means other users can't access the sort of file that I personally would have found very useful. Does anyone else think that a single instrument GP tab would be a useful thing to be able to post?
muddypuddles This rule was created because some guys began to divide the Guitar Pro files into pieces with different instruments and submit as different versions of the songs, this situation leads to abuse of the UG IQ system, so we came to the conclusion that the value of the Guitar Pro Version is in its fullness.