So I have this Ibanez GRG170DX which I think has completed its time with me. I am considering buying a SX Strat Ash Na and changing pickups bridge etc. or buying a 2nd hand used Ibanez S470 that I found with a reasonable price. I have tried them both I really liked the SX strat's tone(maybe because of the setup I tried with I'm not exactly sure) than the S470 but the neck was a bit less comfortable than the Ibanez S470 which has a spectacular neck I think. I usually play late 60s to 70s rock but also have a heavy emphasis on prog rock, art rock, radiohead, maybe a bit of grunge soundgarden, pearl jam, alice in chains, temple of the dog etc. but not that into metal(except some of the early groups). I really would like to hear your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks!
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