Can anyone recommend a good app or method for transcribing on the iPad?

I know there are plenty of ways of transcribing on a computer but most of the time I just use my iPad and it would be good to be able to transcribe using that instead.

I've had a look but haven't found anything as yet.

Any suggestions?

Even something like a text file based method like a lot of the tabs on UG would work.

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I've had a look but haven't found anything as yet. 

I feel like you didn't look hard enough.... or at all really.  I found this in all of 5 seconds.
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Guitar Pro on the iPad doesn't let you create tabs. In fact it appears to be read only despite them mentioning the notepad feature which doesn't appear to exist Unfortunately. 
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I use Notion when I transcribe on iPad. It does full score but you can transcribe tabs in it as well. I originally started using it because I was using Presonus at the time as my DAW but I really haven't found a better app to transcribe with. I particularly like the fact that you can change the piano roll to a fret board for when I am on the go without a guitar.


Hope that helps!