Hey folks!

I've got a question regarding channel and effects switching on my Engl Powerball II.
The thing is that I want to be able to switch channels and effects with the push of one button to eliminate tap dancing (just the usual stuff).
I already own the Z-9 footswitch from Engl but since the amp itself is not midi controllable I need something to work between the amp and the footswitch,
if you get what I'm saying. 

I run a simple Reverb and Delay through the effects loop and an overdrive, noise supressor and a polytune in front of the amp also btw.
So if you have any ideas on any piece of gear that would solve this feel free to come with suggestions! All replies are much appreciated!

What would possibly work for you is the Voodoo Labs GCX. You plug in each pedal or pedal chain into a particular switcher in the rack unit, and use MIDI to switch it. You can plug into the footswitch jack too.