Hi everyone,
I've just recorded some sound samples of the Tube Diver DIY kit from TH Custom Effects and Das Musikding.
It was a fun build involving real vacuum tube technology. You can get nice crunch sounds out of this effect. With too much gain, it's getting muddy and harsh though, this is not meant for high gain with its single tube and powered from only 9V 500mA.
I'm using an 12AT7/ECC81 as it works a bit better with lower voltages. BIAS can be adjusted with a trim pot on the PCB.

!!! Please keep in mind that intermediate PCB soldering skills and basic electronics knowledge is absolutely needed to build this effect. The tube is running on 60 Volts DC internally. Even though this is far less than the deadly voltages inside of real tube heads, it can still hurt you or damage the effect if you do something wrong. !!! A decent soldering iron and a multimeter helps too. It took me about a day to build this effect and it worked right away.

You can get the build instructions here: http://diy.thcustom.com/download/tube-driver-v1-2-125b-build-instructions/
I've purchased the kit from Das Musikding https://www.musikding.de/Startseite_1
I have done some minor modifications to the build: The LEDs are wired so the red indicator next to the switch is always on, it is connected parallel to the 6V tube heating (Connected some extension wires to the two LED solder points under the tube socket) The LED under the socket however is extended to the 3p3t switch to illuminate the tube whenever the effect is enabled.
I've given the enclosure a black and olive military style paint job as I think it fits the tube and looks great with red knobs.

Here is my videos with the sound samples. 

Let me know what you think!


Oh and two things: 
Please don't complain about my playing skills not being over 9000, this is just an effects demo, not me trying to show off my not-so-great guitar skills.
And also please don't b#tch about me using a Line 6 audio interface. I know a lot of their stuff sucks, especially the presets, but in this case it's only a clean amp sim which is actually usable. I don't have any professional recording gear to mic up my 2x12 and trust me, you don't want sound demos made with a shitty camera or even mobile phone.
Right-wing morons, go suck my d#ck!

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