I just bought a Fender Champion 20 combo amp and am already impressed with the effects built in, but I have some stomp boxes already that I would like to use. I read online that someone almost blew the amp by connecting a pedal to it, anyway, do you guys have any suggestions what to do to make the pedals work without blowing the amp?
I'm guessing it's a tall tale, or the person who did so did something radically incorrect- I'm personally at a loss to see how connecting pedals to an amp might risk destroying it.
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More like they blew a speaker with a drive pedal.  
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Pedals won't blow up an amp. You may blow a speaker if you're running more watts than it can handle (combo amps always have speakers rated for the power amp section) or very low octaves at a high volume that the speaker can't handle (playing a 5 string bass through it loudly, for example).

If a speaker blows without either of those two happening then it was defective to begin with.

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