I'm not quite sure how these things work. I got this 20% off coupon at GC by email - which for a change does not exclude the guitar I'm interested in buying (Gretsch 5420). Problem is: I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger yet, I don't have quite enough saved up, and it expires today. I guess I'll just wait for another one, but these don't seem to come too often, do they? Usually it's more like 15% (which I guess is not a huge difference but still...). And I'm not sure I'll be able to talk the GC manager into a 20% discount once the coupon expires...  Not such a sweet talker...
go through MF. no taxes, always a 15% off, and if you are a member of their 'backstage member' BS you get 8% in credit. 23% off effectiviely, and no tax.

that is what i do.
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Really? How do you get the 15% off? Call?

most of the time they have some promotion or another. i just picked up a fuck ton of stuff for St. Patricks Day for 15% off. they have them quite often. usually you do get a better deal calling from my experience.
Most gear retailers- GC included- will have multiple sales a year.

Exclusions can sometimes be worked around, depending on how chummy you are, if you're a regular, and how badly they want your dough.
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I get 20% coupons pretty much all year around, whether from the credit card people, Guitar Denter corporate or the store manager (as part of the individual store promotions).