Hey guys!

As a gearhead who takes interest with tinkering with parts and brainstorming new ideas, I doodled up a guitar body style that I really liked (and proceeded to trace over it in MS Paint, out of all things

I thought it was a pretty unique look until I compared it to the:

- Jackson/Charvel Star
- Jackson Warrior
- Jackson "Death Angel" (Signature Custom Shop model of Rob Cavestany from the SF Bay Area thrash metal legends, Death Angel :satan
- Jackson "Death Kelly" (exclusive Custom Shop order that combines the Kelly and Death Angel)
- B.C Rich Stealth

(that's a lot of Jacksons, oh my)

I plan on just building the body only, as I have a really nice maple neck from an Archer SS10 strat copy.
Anyways, I'm currently working on getting enough cash to buy myself a mahogany center and alder wings from my local lumber yard. (I'm also considering making a 2-piece alder body.) I'm also close to getting myself a decent bandsaw and router cutting out the body blank and making all the pickup routes/cavities.  If interested, I'll be updating this throughout the year, thanks for checking this out!

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