I have been playing guitar for about 6 years but I still haven't used both pickups (neck + bridge) at the same time in metal.
Does anybody uses both pickups in heavy music? What is the place for it?

Most of the time
Bridge = rhythm
Neck =lead
Both = ?????

To be honest I don't think that I even hear the difference between neck pickup and neck+bridge
It isn't in common usage for high gain tones, but it works great for cleans if the pickups are well matched. Tonally it literally takes how a bridge pickup sounds and blends it with the neck. It tends to have have way more treble and a lot more mids than just the neck pickup on its own. Assuming you're talking about guitars with a HH pickup config of course.

Experiment. You may find a great use for it somewhere.
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I may use neck+bridge for some lead sounds occasionally, but definitely not too often.
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I play mostly metal and for me it's one or the other both together with high gain is just not a good sound IMO it tends to get muddy and lose clarity.
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Yeah like everyone else says- I might use it for quieter/cleaner passages in metal, but I'd never really use it for higher gain stuff. FWIW I use the bridge pickup alone for lead a lot, too.
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I have the classic JB/Jazz combo in my Les Paul. The middle position is my go to for clean sounds. Depends on your pickup combo, some mixtures are just meant to be.
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I have the classic JB/Jazz combo in my Les Paul. The middle position is my go to for clean sounds. Depends on your pickup combo, some mixtures are just meant to be.

Yup. The JB/Jazz combo in my Jackson has awesome cleans. I especially like that the Jackson has 24 frets because it means the Jazz is even closer to the bridge than usual, which makes it beautifully articulate. I've modded it to have coil splits too which are a great thing to have with such pickup positioning.
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I use that configuration while playing clean but lazily switching to wah-fuzz resulted in a fun tone. It wasn't straight up brootz but that wasn't what I was going for.
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