Hey guys,

After my brain injury I am finally back to playing lead guitar. I have been playing guitar for 10 years but had my left hand paralyzed for a year. Thru music I have been able to recover probably 95% of the way as far as guitar goes. 

The final 5% being lead triad voicings. Here's a progression I am working on:

Easy enough to play the Gm & F and I can play the Bb and Eb with a barre but when it comes down to it going to the barre seems to throw me off rhythm. If I play with my 2,3,4 fingers stacked all I have to do is slide. I know I used to play this way and felt like it was the most ergonomic for me.

I can still stack my fingers but seems like a bit of a dexterity issue. As well as remembering where I used to have my thumb positioned. 

Any specific tips on how to build back dexterity for this particular purpose?
I haven't so serious troubles with my left hand, but I broke my index finger a long time ago, it lost its dexterity and it isn't restored fully. It's not so dramatic, but it is an issue. I think, that you can try to practice it like a novice, slowly at start and paying close attention to proper articulation, then increase speed if you feel that you do it right. Anyway, I'm not a doctor, it can be even not a dexterity issue. Sorry, if it was not so helpful.
Thanks for the boost of confidence,

Seems like the best thing to do at this point is Barre it while I have to play live and practice slowly like you said and see if it comes back. It's not the end of the world one way or another from the talks I've had in the last week with other lead players I don't even see anyone fretting chords that way any more or very rarely.