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I want to have kids.
14 31%
I want to adopt kids.
1 2%
And/or either of the above options
6 13%
pffft lmao
24 53%
Voters: 45.
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Quote by Dreadnought
YES I can't wait

I'll be an "old" dad. Around 30 when we have our first

"Old dad around 30"?? wtf?
Quote by 剣 斧 血
Nah, I just want to splice my genes with those of a fire ant and loose the beast into the wild.
I knew a doctor who tried this down in a sleepy town named Grayditch. Such horrible memories...
Quote by Panasonic3

I think God has at least 3.5 billion human penises, and many billions more penises that are out of this world.
Quote by nelesev
"Old dad around 30"?? wtf?

Hence the quotes.
My God, it's full of stars!
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