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I want to have kids.
14 30%
I want to adopt kids.
1 2%
And/or either of the above options
7 15%
pffft lmao
24 52%
Voters: 46.
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Quote by Dreadnought
YES I can't wait

I'll be an "old" dad. Around 30 when we have our first

"Old dad around 30"?? wtf?
Quote by 剣 斧 血
Nah, I just want to splice my genes with those of a fire ant and loose the beast into the wild.
I knew a doctor who tried this down in a sleepy town named Grayditch. Such horrible memories...
Quote by nelesev
"Old dad around 30"?? wtf?

Hence the quotes.
My God, it's full of stars!
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