I customized some demos from alpahtab opensource and put together over this weekend an on-line GP4 GP5 and GP6  file player player.

 - don't press Speed is buggy
 - can upload your file and:
    - play, select repeat.


- chrome-browser 56.0.2924.76 / ubuntu works flawless (some scrolling problems). (stopp problems after selection / require refresh)
- firefox  52.00 64 it /  ubuntu works ok, Does not auto-scrool / cannot shut down WebPlayer after stop/paused. (page needs refresh)

Post here issues in other browsers. I keep improving it.

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Sorry. The server was not down looks like  dynadns domain selfip  got time to propagate. I can access it from Toronto just fine.
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This is actually pretty rad, tbh
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I start this project in my struggling effort to properly learn guitar on staff/ and notes...
Yet another tab player, I know.... I'll add the fretboard control, also I am struggling to
fix with the stop / pause in firefox/IE and some chromium versions, then upload a new
version in a day or 2. 

I'll add a second training page sometime in a week or 2 and I am coding codding in TAB/vextab 
notation  all lessons from Frederick Noach's book as I go myself over the lessons.