Thank you in advance for anyone who may be able to help.
I am working on designing my first pedal board, so this will have a couple questions involved. I currently have a morley optical volume pedal an ibanez ts9 tube screamer a footswitch for my amp and a hall of fame reverb pedal, but i do plan on expanding my effects as funds become available but probably no more than 3-4 other pedals.
I currently have planned dimensions as 1.5 inches at the front tapering up to 3 inches in the back 10 inches wide and 18-24 inches wide would this be big enough or bigger than needed?
I would like the jacks to be integrated into a panel on the board itself is there any way to cut the end of a patch cable and solder it to a mono 1/4 jack? This would be done 4 times so that there is a plug for guitar in a plug for signal out and 2 plugs for use with my effects loop. I would like to do this in order to better organize my cords running all over the place and to keep them out of the way of the pedals on the board.
I also need suggestions on material i am thinking of a pvc board construction with lexan side and back panels, and velcro strips for securing pedals to the board. Would these be suitable materials or should i look at something like ply wood construction?
I am also thinking of concealing the power supply inside the board instead of mounting it on the outside with the rest of the pedals. Would i have overheating issues of the power supply being used in this fashion, or would it be okay to mount it inside the board as i have planned?
Thank you for your input.
Lexan is a killer material, but we must all learn to crawl and walk before we run. I'd get the plywood to try out some ideas before using something so seriously cool but not cheap.
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Congrats in taking this step!

1. Check out pedalplayground.com to help you decide the size that you'll need. Compare to the stock Pedaltrain sizes as a reference point. Should give you an idea of what your board would look like.

2. Yes, you could do this yourself or buy a junction box and route it under your board. One Control and Disaster Area make some killer ones.

3. Plywood or a sturdy wood would be a good starting point. This way you won't take much of a hit if you make a mistake.

4. Having the power source underneath is perfectly fine. Some people may report getting some noise from fuzz or some digital pedals being close to it but this is extremely rare. I run a huge CAE and a small MXR together under mine powering over 20 pedals without a problem.

Good luck!

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