I don't really engage in dares, but at parties (read: after a few drinks) I tend not to question things as much as I probably should.

Common example:
Person: "Drink this"
Me: "Ok"
"What was that btw?"
About the only daring thing I've ever done was let my friend burn my hand with a pencil eraser because I told him I don't yell when in pain and had to prove it.

Didn't make a sound. . Only reason he stopped was because he saw the skin tear away. Walked away with a nasty blister and this permanent scar.

In hindsight I probably should have demanded money. Coincidentally met a qt who did the same thing who said I had nice eyes but was taken.
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I smacked a hornet between my hands when I was drunk for $20. fucker stung my palms. but it was worth it.
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I generally just tend to do stupid shit, no dares needed. Like this one time, my cousin got a whip as a joke gift for her bachelorette party, and I had my friends take turns whipping me for about 10 lashes. they weren't skilled enough to cut me open, but they sure left welts. Another time, I took all the wasabi people didn't want and snorted some of it and ate the rest in one bite. Wanted to puke, didn't.
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Dares are inherently dumb. For proof see the UGLY Truth or Dare thread.
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I shot a wasps nest with a BB gun when I was a little kid. Probably the dumbest dare I did growing up, it was on my friends porch. Those fuckers flew out of there and had a spaz attack, luckily nobody got stung.
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Any dare is a dumb dare. Why agree to doing something embarrassing on purpose? Just choose Truth and then lie.

Jk jk fun matters etc