I have a seagull s6. Its a great acoustic but I'm looking for something smaller. something easier just to play on the couch or whatever. Im more of a electric player so I'm not really into classical music. Im between a martin mini or taylor. any suggestions? budget is under $400
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Some body sizes you can check out are parlor, 000 or OM, and even some folk models. Most manufacturers will make these models.
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Also look up 0 and 00, which are between parlor and 000/OM.

These are really nice if you can stretch to it:


Though I preferred the mahogany-topped version because it was a bit mellower.

Recording King also  have some nice small guitars in your price range
I second the recording King. Also check out Breedlove, my parlor is all solid and I got it on sale for $350 at a local store but musicians friend has them for just over your budget at $459. Mine is super comfortable to play and has a really good mellow sound.
As a general rule O is smaller than OO which is smaller than OOO.  Until recently OOO and OM guitars used the same body size but the OM had a longer scale and wider neck, however nowadays OM and OOO are generally interchangeable terms.  Folk and Parlor are generally generic terms for any small body guitars ranging from O-OM in size.  Mini and baby are not always used to describe the instrument's size and usually mean it's a budget instrument.  If you are after the smallest acoustic you can get then a backpacker model might be worth a look.
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Also look up 0 and 00, which are between parlor and 000/OM.

. . . . . Recording King also  have some nice small guitars in your price range

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  I second the Recording King.

And I'll third Recording King. Great guitars and very reasonably priced. I own the ROS-16 which is a 000 - the lower bout is quite large but the guitar is smaller than a regular acoustic. 

I would recommend you look at either their RP-06 or RP-!0 which are both single 0 size. Musician's Friend stock both models.


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I've been using a mini yamaha 3/4 guitar for travel and stuff. It works great, and typically sounds pretty good for a guitar made for beginners. The only drawbacks is that it doesn't stay in tune too well. Another pro is that it can take a pretty hard beating, which I know from many, many experiences (trust me).
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brenton393 The Taylor Big Baby is a 15/16 scale dreadnaught. It's quite light, great action, sounds like a Taylor should. Can get them for $250 or less used on Craiglist. New they run about $450 or so. 

Regarding the smaller stuff: The Baby Taylor is a cute little guitar, sounds okay. I don't like the Martin equivalent very much. I've heard the Martin Backpacker is a vile thing!
No offense to the guys recommending Recording King guitars, but I've heard of some QC issues. Stands to reason, for a lower priced instrument. So be careful if you go that route.