Hi there,

I'm recently new to becoming a member on UG, so excuse me if there's already a thread like this already.....I just need an outside opinion(s)

So.....some backstory to my current situation

I started a Black Metal band during mid 2015, I was already in another BM band but was getting a tad tired of the music (it's extremely primitive stuff) and I needed to get my creativity through another outlet....hence me starting my own project.

The singer of the primitive BM band (lets just call it that...) at the time joined my project as singer, as he liked what I was writing (much more experimental stuff) eventually I had to boot him from it. He was becoming ungrateful, unappreciative and just plain rude. Eventually he was booted from the 'PBMB'

2016 comes along, the 'PBMB' hires it's old singer, who then joins mine, as we got on very well and he had a wider taste in music and a better range in vocals (perfect for my project)......so I'm back to a 2 piece again.
Mid 2016, we release our debut (I wrote everything & recorded everything), it gets promoted and it's been getting non stop good reviews

2017, and we finally start getting band members....

This is where my problem begins.....

So the singer kept suggesting all this bassists that he knew, so they added me on facebook, I spoke to them "I hear you're interested in joining, blah blah blah" I get no response, they all ignore me....this happened 3 times.
Eventually said singer, says he has this other bassist...this time he speaks and turns up to the meet up. The singer was adamant on him joining, so I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and he's currently in (he's has the right playing style and influences...so great!!...for now)

I got us a drummer, my neighbor and long time friend (20 years)
The guy was late to my house by an hour as he was busy, the singer flips out and starts this tirade of "We need to get rid of him, he's useless and unreliable, I don't like him, he doesn't fit the band etc" then says "I have this guy, he's my friend, he's listened to the album and wants to do it etc"

I say we the drummer hasn't done anything wrong, and has learnt the songs given to him pretty quickly.....the singer then starts going crazy "you only want him in because he's your friend, it's not good to have neighbors in a band, I'm a serious musician and I'm taking this seriously etc" (yet this is the same guy who never comes up with lyrics or even puts his hand into his own pocket for band merch etc always me booking stuff, buying us merch)

I then say, well is your friend on facebook or any social media.....apparently he's not online at all and only the singer has his number, but won't let me have it.

I feel like the singer only wants people he wants in and not me, and I'm going to say it because it's merely an observation (so don't get triggered lol)
....he's Portuguese and he seems to only want Portuguese in....every time it's an English person, he gets very odd about it, very uptight and argumentative
The singer is also extremely adamant on me giving out all the tabs to all the music to people who are allegedly  "interested" (yes because I'm going to give my music away to people, so they can rip me off!)...which I find odd....he's also insisting (never ending) on re-recording the album (it's completely fine as it is) and designing a new logo (which he wants to do....)

I said to him I've found a keyboard player (a pro musicians, been in a certain big English symphonic BM band who likes the album) but the singer wasn't interested....

The last thing with the singer, the 1st singer that I booted out, he's a very toxic person, and hates that the band has been doing well. He's always chatting to the current singer...which makes me very anxious and on guard....do you think he has something to do with this?

Now back in 2011, i had another band (which i start in '09) the '11 lineup started doing a similar thing, bringing a 2nd guitarist to the rehearsal, even though I said no to it. They wanted to change the genre, again I said no (the band was death metal, they wanted it deathcore or whatever it was)
I had a feeling they were attempting to boot me out of my own band at the time....I got there first and got rid of them....funnily later on I learnt that I was right!

I'm starting to get the same feeling with this band.....

What does everyone think??
Am I being paranoid or is this my gut feeling forewarning me of something?

Hope to get a reply,

Sorry about the massive amount of text
Kick out the singer. Im serious, he is only giving you shit, and nothing in return. If you are happy with the drummer and bassist, and they are happy in the band, then ther eis on reason to keep him around if he is just starting shit. Especially since it seems like this is your personal project. 
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
I wouldn't have a band member who rocked up an hour late to practice, they don't really want to be in the band and would quit anyway.

It's more likely that you don't like the singer getting his way and that's what you're really fighting about. That and the fact you haven't finalised a lineup after being a band for two years, which is pretty crazy.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.