Hello everyone! I have a question.

I'm building an EVH Wolfgang style guitar, and I just ordered a body blank. Being too eager, I chose a Telecaster neck pocket without knowing if EVH necks fit in a Tele neck pocket.   

What I would like to know is, will an EVH Wolfgang style neck fit into a Telecaster neck pocket? 

If not, I guess I can always get a Telecaster neck.

I guess you won't know until you get your neck. I'm also guessing that if you bought a body blank with a prerouted neck pocket the prospect of altering that pocket to fit your neck is not something you relish.

I made this a few years ago and while it doesn't answer your question, it should give you an idea of why it is so hard to answer your question.

Where did you get the body from? Don't they also do necks to match? Why not get one of those? Or else, where were you planning to get the neck from?