I have a strat I love - but about a year ago I got an HSS pick-guard from a friend loaded - So I put it put it on my strat and am learning to play - love it.

I have been told that having the Humbucker on the bridge changes the sound - and I think this is correct.

 I think I liked it better with 3 single coils. I think I had more range because the Humbucker is so strong it overpowers the sound - love the grind but its all grind if I crank up any added distortion.

This is what I have - Strat 1990's era

NECK - Dimarzio Area 58 - DP 415
MIDDLE - Seymour Duncan Classic Stack STK 54
BRIDGE - Seymour Duncan Custom Custom Humbucker

Question is this - since I am new to guitar - - - 

Can I split the coils on the Humbucker, add a switch,  and get back to an original sound? Or will is still not be in balance?

OR - Do I need to get a Dimarzio or Seymour Duncan single coil bridge and scrap the Humbucker all together.

I am reading conflicting things - some say the split coil Humbucker will still be out of balance.

Thanks for your experienced advice - 

When I was younger I bought a fat strat. Whish I bought a SSS strat. If you want a hunbucker get a LP to compliment the strat.
I have a Music Man Steve Morse, which has 2 humbuckers that can be split and 2 single coils. If you pair the pickups right you won't have any issues. You can definitely split the 'bucker and see if you like it. It could be done with a push pull pot or by adding an extra switch. I'd probably opt for the push/pull pot as it won't require modifications to the guitar.
Custom Custom seems to be a bit hotter than what I'd pair with single coils but Dave Murray uses it so it should pair well. How about lowering that pickup further away from the strings and trying the split coil to see if it will do it?

There are some lower output humbuckers, you can Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates, Blues Saraceno, Whole Lotta Humbucker, Slash or some of the vintage voiced Dimarzio, like DP103 or DP213 (Paf Joe - my personal favorite):
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Gab_Azz Im going to do that! Thanks! Switch out the Humbucker and as a push pull pot

I would avoid that option. I have played several guitars with split coil, while it is a cool feature and it's nice to have, they do not sound like a strat. Get a single coil in the strat and try to buy another guitar for the hunbucker sound.
My take on coil splitting is that better- and usually higher-output- humbuckers sound better when split as compared to their more mainstream competitors.

A few are even being designed for splitting. The Dean Zelinsky Sidekick as well as Rio Grande's Dirty Harry and Tallboy HBs* are all actually paired singlecoils in a HB housing, to name a few.

In contrast, TV Jones explicitly recommends you NOT try splitting their HBs because their output is not high enough to generate a good tone when used that way.

* Tallboys are based on more Strat-style singlecoils, while the DH HBs are based on Rio Grande's Dirty Harry singlecoil-sized P90s.
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I use a Custom Custom that I split. It is a 4 conductor pickup, so it can be split easily. Just get a switch or a push/pull pot. You could also wire it in parallel, which will keep it humcancelling and make it blend better with the singles. This can be done with a switch as well. 
2 things:

1) you need a different Humbucker - get something less pronounced - a passive low output pickup that blends well with your others. Humbuckers can work great with single coils ( I have an HSS Musicman Silhouette Special). Honestly, if you have the budget buy the HSS set from Suhr - they are very well balanced . Or simply buy a stock fender bridge humbucker they would normally put in a Strat, that will probably be decent.  If your humbucker has too high an output, which is what you are describing, then it won't sound balanced going from the neck to the Bridge.  I had the exact same problem when I swapped my stock Dimarzio Humbucker with a Steve Morse Humbucker in my Silhouette - it just didn't balance well with the stock single coils, even though it was a great pickup. 

2) splitting the Humbucker - your guitar is probably already wired that way - that would be position 2, however it is usually combined with the middle pickup by default.  There is simply no way to get a real single coil bridge pickup  tone out of a Humbucker - so don't chase it. Same goes for the neck single coils, coil tapping doesn't do it justice, which is why single coils still exist! 

There is simply no way to get a real single coil bridge pickup tone out of a Humbucker - so don't chase it.

That's not true- see post #8 for one reason why.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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I've split the humbucker on my Jem, SD Full Shred. I tend to use the single coil (wired to 2nd position) more than the full humbucker mode and it sounds great. It doesn't sound like a Strat or a typical single coil though, having the angled pole pieces is important for nailing that Strat sound.
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