Hey guys, might be a dumb thing to ask but I thought I'd ask anyway as online info seems to be kinda scarce. I recently replaced the Duncan Designed HB-103 set in my Hamer Monaco XT with some Tonerider pickups, and I was wondering if the DDs had any resale value at all. Obviously I'm aware that they're not real Duncans and would go for less money second-hand, I was just curious as to how much I could sell them on for if I wanted to.

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Just having a quick look on ebay they seem to be priced around £15 to £25. Whether they actually sell at all is another question.
Good question. I've got a few that have been removed from guitars. Not sure what I've saved them for, come to think of it. 
yeah i got some bass ones i can seem to get rid of, they actually arent bad either.
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Toss 'em on CL or a local classified for a reasonable price and they'll go for sure.  You may even be able to make a trade for a pedal or get some cash for a few string changes.  Worst case scenario, if you like the sound of them, throw them into a backup guitar.
not much resell value. possibly $25-35, but it's something. I always sold my stock pickups to make up for any money I spent on upgrades.