Im looking on advice for recording software that lets you program semi decent drums. I want to run my guitar through my zoom r8 and looking for something preferably cheaper on the market, i dont need anything too fancy i just want to put some drums behing a few guitar tracks. Its been near a decade since i last used recording software and i remember i had to buy stuff to stop there being delay in the recording, is that still an issue? Thanjs for any help
Moved the thread, this isn't a technique question.
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JamUp has an 8 track recording feature.  You can input a song from your iTunes library into one of the tracks and then record your guitar over it.  

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IMO Cubase has always been the best for writing drums. The drum editor makes writing them a whole lot easier than using piano roll. Also if you are on a mac logic pro is very midi friendly too.
If you're on Mac, Logic X's UltraBeat is pretty cool for drum writing. It has some pretty cool presets for both digital and analogue drums, plus it has the ability to put your own samples in. Also, it has a step-sequencer built in which is cool for looping drum ideas and trying different pattern out. There are some cool videos on YouTube about it!