Hello everyone! I'm planning to buy my first 7 string guitar. My current, and probably my final choice, is Ibanez RG7421 Walnut Flat, i've tried that guitar and it's super comortable and very very nice to play, but i've seen a review from thomann and the guy said that the finish is wearing out in an ugly way, so that worried me a little and i looked into some Jacksons too. The first 7 string guitar i've played was Jackson JS22-7 and i loved it, the pickups were amazing for that price and guitar overall is very comfortable and nice to play, so i've added it to my list. Also the Jackson JS32-7 guitars seem pretty neat and they're all less expensive than Ibanez, so any of them (finishes are Quicksilver, Snow White (my favourite) and Tobacco Burst) would do the trick if they're better than Ibanez. I've also considered RG7421 Black, because of the finish mostly. So there are my choices again:

Ibanez RG7421 Walnut Flat
Ibanez RG7421 Black
Jackson JS22-7
Jackson JS32-7 Quicksilver
Jackson JS32-7 Snow White
Jackson JS32-7 Tobacco Burst

Which one do you think i should go for (also if you have any recommendations, go for it!)?

PS the thing i like more about Ibanez rather than Jacksons is the flat mahogany body (not a big fan of the "tummies", but not a problematic thing tho), i've had a chance to hear difference between the basswood (Jacksons) and mahogany and i much more liked mahogany, the tone was much deeper and darker, on the other hand, i like Jackson pickups (the ones on JS22-7) more than Quantums, but i was planning on changing them probably to some DiMarzios (i have X2N and The Tone Zone on my six string, so probably going for that combo on a 7 string too (just maybe Liquifire instead of The Tone zone, would like to hear your opinion on that too )), sorry for the long post and thank you in advance!
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Ain't no "best." Buy what suits you. 

I just picked up a seven string that looks like an LP, but that has a 27" scale, 24 frets and an SD Nazgul in the bridge. Used. $200 (okay, $209). Mahogany body, mahogany neck, ebony fretboard.  I'm not a fan of flat/matte finishes, and I've got WAY too many black guitars, so this one was a translucent red. 

But I think my next one will  be something headless and fan-fret. Strandberg, Carvin?
Well, all of them suit me good hahaha just not sure about which one i should go for... Great for you man!
I didn't really like the rg7421. I'd honestly try an agile if you are in the states.
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Unfortunatley i'm not :P these are the only guitars that i can afford in my country (i was thinking about ordering from thomann, but i don't like the idea of guitar traveling a month).  
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Go with what you like. Those are some of the better budget 7-string guitars readily available for a lot of folks. I personally like the JS22-7 more than the Ibanez equivalent, but that's just me.  There's nothing used that suits you, I take it?
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