Hi guys!

I've been playing the acoustic guitar for some years now, but right now im stuck once again in the "dont know what to play next" mode!
Playing all genres like Blues, classic rock, Jazz, folk...except metal, that just won't fit my taste. Anything challenging that one can fingerpick and sounds good, too. And mostly standard tuning because permanently re-tuning is annoying. Last weeks i played "It's only a paper moon", "Angeles" by Elliott Smith (intro only), "Time of the season" by the Zombies, "Layla" by Eric Clapton, "Neon" by John Mayer and some songs by John Fahey. Everything by fingerpicking on nylon string guitar.

Now I'm looking for some good songs for acoustic guitar that are somewhat challenging (not just strumming or too easy stuff). Please guys someone recommend me stuff!! Have a great day!
Check out "Get Me" by Dinosaur Jr.,  not the most complicated song but it's fun and fits your "not just strumming" criteria. 


whoops you said fingerpick nvm 
At least I died listening to some good ass music
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Finger picking on nylon strings in a Progressive rock / Spanish setting, try
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