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Quote by Palpaterpintine
-MintSauce- Thanks! My plan for finishing is gonna be grain fill > sanding sealer > maybe a primer (not sure if I really need to) > color coat > clear coat.
And of course I've already worked out the wet-sanding/buffing process.

I have already sorta planned my next project, It's really gonna be very similar to this one, whilst trying to avoid making the same mistakes again. But if both work out I really wanna try to do an ML or something like a Jackson king/ Rhoads V. 

My plan for this build all along has been sorta a learning experience, I figure there's no better way to learn than to just give it a shot. So I'm gonna do pretty much the same build again and try to get it perfect (or at least better). 

P.S. sorry on the late reply, my computer went belly up, had to reset it. I managed to save all of my files though so all is well.

You could save yourself some time with a combined filler and sealer, if there's one in your area.

Of course you're planning the next! The stage between making it resemble a guitar and doing the finishing is when new ideas creep in; it's the end of the honeymoon period and when you know the project is mostly a success. It's all a learning experience though, and you can guarantee the next one will be an improvement.
I sure hope so. I'll have to see if i can find a combo filler/sealer, thanks fer' the tip!

Honestly I never thought I would even get started, let alone make it to almost being done. So this has definitely way exceeded my expectations.
I'm probably gonna start the next build right after I finish this one.

Also would you have any advice for cutting the neck mortise/tenon?  I have a few ideas of my own but on this build I was sorta just winging it and hoping for the best . I'd appreciate any help on that.
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