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-MintSauce- Thanks! My plan for finishing is gonna be grain fill > sanding sealer > maybe a primer (not sure if I really need to) > color coat > clear coat.
And of course I've already worked out the wet-sanding/buffing process.

I have already sorta planned my next project, It's really gonna be very similar to this one, whilst trying to avoid making the same mistakes again. But if both work out I really wanna try to do an ML or something like a Jackson king/ Rhoads V. 

My plan for this build all along has been sorta a learning experience, I figure there's no better way to learn than to just give it a shot. So I'm gonna do pretty much the same build again and try to get it perfect (or at least better). 

P.S. sorry on the late reply, my computer went belly up, had to reset it. I managed to save all of my files though so all is well.

You could save yourself some time with a combined filler and sealer, if there's one in your area.

Of course you're planning the next! The stage between making it resemble a guitar and doing the finishing is when new ideas creep in; it's the end of the honeymoon period and when you know the project is mostly a success. It's all a learning experience though, and you can guarantee the next one will be an improvement.
I sure hope so. I'll have to see if i can find a combo filler/sealer, thanks fer' the tip!

Honestly I never thought I would even get started, let alone make it to almost being done. So this has definitely way exceeded my expectations.
I'm probably gonna start the next build right after I finish this one.

Also would you have any advice for cutting the neck mortise/tenon?  I have a few ideas of my own but on this build I was sorta just winging it and hoping for the best . I'd appreciate any help on that.
I should probably mention sorry for the lack of posts for anyone watching this thread, I'm working on getting all the stuff to do the finish. Some of it is kinda tough to find. I think I'll be getting started in a week or so though. 

A quick update.

I have almost all the stuff to begin the finish, just waiting on a few things.Then I'm gonna build a simple spray booth and get going.

Also for anyone interested, I went earlier this week and helped some people clean out a house and this nice dude gave me a hatchet! He said the thing was at least 75 years old. Anyway, it had a fair amount of surface rust and the handle was so rotted it fell out on the way back. I took it and cleaned off the rust and made a new handle from some maple I had leftover from this guitar build. Finished it with linseed oil. Here"s a few pics for anyone interested.

And I got it razor sharp too.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get this guitar finished soon, hopefully get going in a week or so.

Ok, so, more progress.

Drilled the hole for the output jack.

Used a 7/8" forsner bit.

Got all the stuff to do the finishing. I went through Guitar Reranch, got Olympic white lacquer, a can of sanding sealer, and the clear lacquer.

So I began the sanding/grain filling. I started by spot filling any big scratches or dents/gaps I could find.

I then sanded the sides using a sanding drum in my drill press. A little tough to see but they are now much smoother.

I then made the cavity cover plate and did the routing for the lip for it to sit in. I made the cover plate from 1/8" thick black cast acrylic.

Had a little oops. A piece chipped off whilst drilling, no big deal I super-glued it back. I figured three screws is plenty to hold it on.

Then drilled holes for the pickup ring screws that a FINALLY got. I swear they shipped it on the slowest boat from china possible.

Then I did the roundover. I think it was an 1/8" radius router bit.

I then did the grain filling. Geez this grain filler makes it look like some art project gone horribly wrong. I let it dry a bit then scraped off the excess. 

Then after scraping off the excess, letting it dry overnight, and sanding it flat.

I sanded the entire thing with a block and 220 grit paper till it was very flat and very smooth.

Anyway, that's where I'm at now. Unfortunately where I live it only ever rains when you have to do something outside or something that is sensitive to humidity.
I'm going to get a proper respirator and some tack cloths and then I'll be waiting for some sunny days. 

Quick update:

It seems the stars have aligned, I got a respirator and tack cloths this morning, and I was able to spray the sanding sealer. Two coats. 

And the next two days are forecast to be sunny weather. It's a miracle

Anyways, I have a question for anyone watching this thread (though I'll probably post it in the customization thread too) how long after spraying nitro lacquer sanding sealer do I have to wait to sand it flat? I can't find anything on this, is overnight enough? If I can get it sanded tomorrow morning and start spraying the color coat then I'd get done with this thing sometime this century. I appreciate any input.
Well, I sanded out the small run in the sealer that I had. I searched for hours and finally found i a thread somebody mentioned they waited about 6 hours to sand out runs so they would be totally dry, I waited 7 to be sure and it sanded out no problem with some 800 grit. I got the color coat sprayed, 3 coats it took. 

However, I'm very happy with the white but I decided that I can't leave the headstock face white  It just looks wrong to me. I'm gonna get some black lacquer to paint that part black and then I'll be happy with it. So a small delay, but, with the amount of time I've put into this I'd rather wait a few days and have it look how I want.

Here's a few pics of its current state.

(excuse my dirty shed  

So now I will just wait on the black lacquer and then do the clear coat once that's done.

Also a note, the grain is still ever so slightly visible in some spots, next time i think I should do 3 or 4 coats of sealer. I did 2 because according to the site one can of sealer was "more than enough" for a guitar. It barely got 2 coats.

We all know whose wood gets 'finished' in his dirty shed.
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Quote by Axelfox
Update: Got a pickup n' stuff.

And I got the black lacquer and painted the face of the headstock black.

(there's masking tape over the nut slot and in the trussrod access. 

Also, I want to mention that I initially used "Frog Tape" for the parts I needed to mask, it was not good at all. It would not stick to curves and let finish through the edge. I switched to using regular basic "Scotch" brand masking tape and it worked fine. Just sayin' for anyone that is masking stuff off.

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