So I'm having a pretty major issue here, whenever I connect my Rocktron Hush IICX directly to my 1972 Ampeg VT-22 I get shocked when I touch the faceplate of the Ampeg. Is there any logical common reason for this to happen as a result of my Ampeg having no ground? The Hush isn't grounded and neither is anything else but my Furman M-8LX power conditioner. I'm thinking it could also be caused by the Furman M-8LX not having the outlets properly isolated. It did not do this when I had the unit attached to my grounded 1977 Ampeg VT-40 as far as I remember. At any rate I'm takin the Hush apart and seeing what's goin on inside, it's actually the only piece of gear I haven't opened yet.

Whatever was on the faceplate kinda felt more like DC, but my experiences are limited there.
I do have the death cap still in my amp, but it's been tested and is fine.

Let me know if anything you read here sparks your memory. 
..Kinda like my amp did to my finger.
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I think you answered the question yourself. Did you cut off the ground pin from your amp's plug?
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No it is a 1972 Ampeg. It does not come with a ground. If both units are ungrounded I don't think they'd interfere, now if the Furman power condition doesn't have actual isolation and is just really a huge powerstrip which I'm suspecting, that could be a cause. It's also strange though cause none of my other 8 or so rack units cause a ground issue.
I'll be checking the filter caps in the Hush tomorrow to right out eliminate that as a suspect.

On a sorta unrelated topic, what's a good isolated power conditioner that does not have the LED Volts display?
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timbit2006  Unless you like playing Russian roulette you really need to get that amp updated with a grounded cord and if it has one the "death cap" removed from the ground switch.
Well, it's been around for 45 years without killing anyone, I'll be looking into adding a ground though.
I guess it doesn't actually have a death cap, I was thinking about a couple of my other amps that do.

I'll probably call the local amp tech and see what he'd want to do. He's replaced the output transformer before but we both didn't think a ground was necessary. Looking it up it's definitely not as simple as just putting a wire to the chassis. That would likely cause more problems.
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Hmm, I thought something like this would get some more response. At any rate..
I've got everything figured about grounding it, I'm also removing the death cap from the polarity switch and rewiring it so it would switch the outlet on the back of the amp as I have added a fan after my first output transformer got killed by death.
I've talked to a tech about it and he says it's really not even necessary at all to ground the amp and the chassis connection is more of a fail-safe than anything in case the ground on the power cable breaks, but I'm still going to do it. I think the word ungrounded just genuinely scares people.
I'll post some updates when I get around to doing it on April 8th. I've got an out of town gig the night before so any dickin around will definitely be done after. If I don't respond... well you can assume I've been electrocuted.

EDIT: I entirely forgot to mention, I'm taking the Rocktron Hush apart most likely this Sunday so I guess I'll update the thread then.
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