Hi! I'm a rookie when it comes to guitars and I've got this used black Jackson Randy Rhoads 3 (pretty sure it was made around 99). My dad bought it for me a while ago bc I wanted a guitar with a floyd rose locking system. This particular guitar only has a floyd rose licenced tremolo (I have been told they suck) and when playing and pushing the whammy down it goes straight out of tune. Apart from that it sounds good and has seymore duncan pickups but it's neck heavy and I can't say that I like it alot.

So if im going to sell it any time soon I wanna know how much I should sell it for. Please respond if you are good at this stuff, thanks.
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Depends where you live, condition of guitar, if you're willing to ship or not, & how fast you want to sell.
on average $350
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I'd say anywhere from $250-$500 depending on the condition but the $350 average is a good number I'd ask for more to leave some wiggle room. The JT580LP licensed tremolo is not the best or worst licensed tremolo on the market but unless it is straight worn out and if it has been set up properly it should not go out of tune everytime it is used.

I paid $450 for my RR3 but it is in mint condition without a mark on it and absolutely free of corrosion or finish wear on the hardware it also has the Eerie Dess Swirl paint which cost more than the other finishes when it iwas new and it has the factory Jackson Bloodline hard case.
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is it MIJ? if so I would expect to get $300ish after haggling.
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