Hi all.

After quite a bit of research and playing, I have come up with an affordable and great sounding rack setup that I think could be a great start in making the head to rack jump.

Would be great to get your opinions on what I have gone for here. Or if I have missed anything out.

p.s. My band play Nu-Metal/Rap (Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit)

  •      carvin   TS100 tube power amp    
  •      Peavey Rockmaster    
  •      Rocktron   Replifex    
  •      Korg Pitchblack Pro   Rackmount    

Any ideas or opinions that might help me are welcome.

I'd add a Carvin AC120, which will tell you what your wall voltage really is, and which will turn on everything in a timed sequence (so you won't blow a wall voltage fuse with a surge). It also gives you a pair of pull-out lights so that you can see where you're set when it's dark onstage or in the bedroom. You might want to leave room in your rack for a wireless and/or a rack fan to help vent the heat from the TS100 (I have one).  
dspellman Cheers for the advice. Not a fan of wireless but a fan is something I will look into as well as a  Carvin AC120 

Any decent fans you know of? preferably cheapish.