Hey! Checking out this one.

Very nicely chilled and spacey vibe with the guitar tones and the kick drum beat. Reminds me of surf style guitar almost, but a bit more modern. Actually with the vox style, this brings shades of Depeche Mode into the mix, or maybe NIN. I think the mix nails the vibe well. Levels are good. The kick drum beats seem to be clipping just a tad, maybe a touch too hot.

When you mentioned the screaming at the end I was expecting a lot more volume. I don't think you need to be shy! You can definitely crank up the vox for the ending part of the track if you want to.

I can see this being a fun track to play live! I think good stage presence would keep the energy level high

Haha thanks man! Yeah I was unsure how to even scream/yell to be honest, it was so damn foreign to me to even try. I usually sing like you hear but trying to change it up a bit and add more energy. When I started screaming louder my voice was breaking so i'm not sure what the hell I'm doing, know any good youtube videos that teach technique or something?

Oh yeah and guitar style, I kind of am taking a bit from surf revival (bands like Beach Fossils), mixing it with ShoeGaze and Post-Punk, and adding an 80's flare to it while making the songs a bit Alternative Rock.

Yeah we will be playing all songs a bit faster and more aggressive, I'm way too excited. Thanks for the review bud!
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